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Kitchens, Fans, Filters & Hood Cleaning maintenance


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Kitchen Fans and Hood Cleaning.

Proper maintenance and good record house keeping in any food related business that involves, kitchen galleys, fans and filters will reduce fire hazards. It is important that businesses in Victoria realise the that health and safety practices is essentially good for business. A clean hood, fan, filter and kitchen is a must for all food related venues. There is no excuse for poor maintenance when it comes to health and safety matters.

A kitchen that has poor or no maintenance at all can cause problems at any time. The fan alone may stop due to the grease and increase capture of food fibres that may clog the fan and the ducts. A filthy hood attracts insects and other unwanted pests that is unhygienic to the workplace. Poor filter management can cause fires which leads to injuries such as burns, radiation and sometimes death in extreme cases. In some states of Australia, it may be legislated under the health and safety Acts that kitchens and food areas must be clean and proper maintenance carried out.

Regular Kitchen overhead filters changes promotes a clean and healthy environment.

Hood cleaning, Fan maintenance and regular filter changes is an essential operation because they protect the clients, staff and visitors from the kitchen suddenly coming on fire as a result of poor maintenance. It is recommended that maintenance be carried out approximately every 3-6 months or depending on local legislation for each state.  Regular maintenance and good record house keeping will ensure optimum and proper functioning of kitchens that involve overhead hoods, fans and filters. Source: Adapted internet sources

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admin Says:
Sept 20th, 2011 at 2:17 pm

Each job site is photographed before and after the work is complete... I am always amazed as to how clean the stainless steel is following a visit from HRHC.

tom Says:
Sept 20th, 2011 at 3:21 pm

I have 3 Italian restaurants and have not called anyone else since my first visit from them. They always leave a sticker with the date of the cleaning on it so I don't forget so easily.

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